wanda_on_cartMy name is Wanda Brennan and I established Ramona Pet Sitters in 2010. After 42 years as a registered nurse and a lifetime animal caregiver, I saw the need for full time in-home pet services–a place where pets join us and are treated as one of the family. I also saw the need for pets to remain in their own homes and kept on the same familiar schedule they are used to. Above all, I wanted to make sure your loved ones get the same care and attention as my own, especially when you aren’t able to be there.

Ramona Pet Sitters grew quickly but I did not want to feel hurried. It is important to me that your pet gets individual attention. That’s where my two sidekicks came in – Gaille Brennan and Nora Read. It takes three of us to meet the need 24/7, 365 days/year, including all holidays. We’re not Dr. Dolittles but close. Because traditional boarding, crates, and enclosures can be stressful for dogs and cats, Nora, Gaille, and I give your animals the same attention and care as our own. In addition to their basic needs, we add exercise, belly rubs, snuggles, playtime, even medications, and vaccinations.

You’ll see that we do it all: home security checks, doggie daycare at Camp Nora, pet taxi to the vet or to pick up supplies, potty breaks if you are caught in traffic or something comes up last minute, sleepovers at Camp Nora, and let’s not forget horses, chickens, llamas, pigs, turtles, etc. RPS has added another bonus: one of my team may be available to stay at your home or ranch. Unparalleled pet care in all parts of Ramona and the San Diego Country Estates.
-Wanda B.

gaille-brennan-ramona-petsittersGaille Brennan • 760-703-6304
My sister Wanda and I have always been the best of friends. In 2003 we both decided to move from Maine to Ramona. I had retired from 25 years in education then used my Ph.D. to go into private practice as a psychotherapist. Though I’m older, she is now “the boss lady.” Wink, wink. I helped her start RPS by delivering flyers door-to-door on a golf cart. Now six years later, I’ve reached the peak of the career ladder. Forget a raise, the boss lady has granted me the esteemed title “Supreme Pooper Scooper.” It’s true I do a great job in the litter business but seriously?

nora-reed-coats-ramona-petsittersNora Read-Coats • 619-840-5838
Hi, my name is Nora Read-Coats, the newest sidekick of Team Wanda, I bring years of extensive work with horses–jumpers, trotters, saddlebreds–and a lifetime of loving all animals. You might know me more as an artist. I adore capturing the passion of my furry subjects in oils. With Ramona Pet Sitters, I have the chance to meet so many families and their prized pets. My two Curly Coated Retrievers go wild each time I come through the door, convinced I’ve been cheating on them. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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