• February 22, 2016
To Whom it May Concern:
I have left my babies and my home in Ramona Pet Sitters care several times over the last few years. Recently we adopted two puppies and needed someone to come each day to check on them and help acclimate them to their new home. Also to help our other two dogs adjust to the new puppies. Wanda and Nora were very patient and loving with all the dogs and a great help in making the transition from two dogs to four dogs very smooth.
I have four large dogs one is very sensitive to the foods he eats, another is very old and doesn’t get around as well any longer. Then add two energetic and curious puppies into the mix and you have a very diverse set of needs. Ramona Pet Sitters took the time to learn about each of the dogs and any special needs they may have. She sends me regular updates on my dogs and house while I am away. The texts/emails let me know that all is well at home which allow me to focus on my travel rather than worrying about my dogs.

Ramona Pet Sitters provide confidence for me that my dog and my home are in good hands while I am away. I highly recommend Ramona Pet Sitters. They are reliable, trustworthy, and dependable. I look forward to working with them for a long time.
Rene Pelkey

• February 2, 2016
Jim Varnell
Wanda and Ramona Persitters have been taking care of our cats for several years now. Since all our cats are on medications it’s vital we have someone that is very reliable and skilled. Wanda fits this bill to a T. She has always been able to accommodate us even on very short notice and takes on any new tasks we need. We feel so much more at ease knowing Wanda is checking in on our cats and our home when we are away. Honest, dependable and caring are just a few words that apply to Ramona Pet Sitters and Wanda.

• To Whom It May Concern,
S’anta Crump 3/02/2016
This letter is a statement of recommendation for the company Ramona Pet Sitters, and the company’s owner, Wanda Brennan. I first hired Wanda’s company before my first total knee replacement on my right knee, May 2015.

After I first called Wanda, she scheduled a “meet and greet” appointment , when she came to my house, met me and all of my animals: a rescue dog, two cats,(one that has special medical needs),a mini horse, a full sized horse, and at the time of my first knee replacement, a bearded dragon.

Wanda was very meticulous in noting each detail regarding the food each animal required, as well as their stall or litter box cleaning and each animal’s exercise schedule. Wanda continued to ask questions, even while I was at rehab for either knee, which gave me confidence that she would also ask me the slightest question.

Wanda has exhibited positive discernment skills when keys have been missing, a horse has been colicy, or a residence door could not be normally locked.

I have continued to hire Wanda, not only for my second knee surgery, but for any other times my family has needed to be away from the house. She has been a major asset to our animal support system.

• Lynda Bostad
To Whom it May Concern:
Our beloved small dog has spent several extended stays in the care of Ramona Pet Sitters, which is owned by Wanda Brennan. Because Wanda herself is very conscientious, detail-oriented and reliable, our dog has received the best of care from Wanda and her staff. The result is that my husband and I have complete confidence whenever we utilize the services of Ramona Pet Sitters.

• Irene Estrada-Young
24028 Gymkhana Road
Ramona, CA 92065

Recommendation of Ramona Pet Sitters
RPS has been providing exceptional care for Kona and Duke, our two large shepherd mix dogs for over a year. The assistance they provide while we are away from our boys has truly given us peace of mind.

My husband and I work in different areas of San Diego County. It is often impossible for us to get home during the day to check on our boys. We contacted Wanda and could not be happier. When she came to our home to meet our boys for the first time, it was like love at first sight. She sat down on the floor with them as they proceeded to give her kisses and try to sit in her lap. She was so patient and loving — we knew we had made the right choice.

Wanda, Gaille, and Nora are very flexible and have always accommodated us. Because our schedules constantly fluctuate, it gives us great comfort to know they are a phone call away. They have complete access to our home and know what the boys need at any given time. During their visits, they go to great lengths to be sure our boys are happy and healthy, including belly rubs, brushing, playing, and lots of live. They are observant and let us know if there is anything out of the ordinary. We often receive updates and pictures of our boys during their visits, which is reassuring and very entertaining!

Ramona Pet Sitters is like a part of the family. We feel very lucky to have them there and highly recommend Wanda and her assistants to anyone. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Irene Estrada-Young

• Margaret (Dee) Chenowth
Wanda Brennan, Ramona Pet Sitters, has taken care of my pets and home since she first started her business, over 4 years ago.
Wanda goes far above pet sitting. She open and closes the house, picks up mail, waters plants and check the house and yard for anything out of the ordinary.
I have been notified of ants in the house, plants that need watering, wind damage. She picks up blown over plants and cleaning patio covers which might have torn apart–basically what a homeowner would do.

Wanda has always been very professional and responsible. I trust her, Gaille, and Nora with my pets and my home. There’s never a worry that something will go wrong and I have peace of mind when I’m away. Not only are my pets being taken care of with love and attention but also that my home is looked after.
I highly recommend Ramona Pet Sitters!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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